Automation Machinery

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Lumen Dispensing Machine
Low cost glass cap tighten machine to reduce labor loading and keep good quality
Especially best for chemical inductry, medical product production process.

Mobile phone slide case tester

This machine to test the mobile phone slide case.  User friendly and many test function sentting

Glass cap tighten machine
Lumen Dispensing Machine
Hot Bar M/C; ACF Bonder; FOG Bonder; Chip Bonder; FPC Aligner Bonder

Pulse Heat Sealing Machine
This machine used for apply the damping gel or high viscosity liquid into inner hole for electronic product assembly
Damping gel applying machine

Inline conveyor with handler for automatic inkjet marking machine to PCB or other product

Laser spot welding machine with handler, can be tailored made to customer's requesition and equipped with famous brand Laser generator
Automatic Inkjet marking machine
Laser Welding Machine
Lumen Dispensing Machine
Lumen Dispensing Machine
Lumen Dispensing Machine
Fully automatic assembly machine equipped with auto loadeer to feed electronics components to assembly module for process
Fully Automatic Assembly Machine
This fully automatic screen printer is made for electronics components to be screen print solder paste, ink mark, epoxy or other liquid

Fully Automatic Screen Printer
This fully automatic dispensing machine is made for electronics components t obe dispensed epoxy, glue, sealing material etc
Fully Automatic Dispensing Machine
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