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Solution for Automation
    We expertise in integrate power components into customized syst to fit your needs.
    We have engineers with over 18 years automation application experiences.
    We have supplied over 600 successful solutions or projects.
We have sufficient know how in:
    electronics product assembly, testing and quality checking;
    semi-conductor assembly, testing and packaging;
    paper product glue apply or dispensing;
    metal product laser welding, cutting and marking.
We can provide total process control for:
    soft drink or beverage production;
    parcel or baggage conveyer sorting;
    metal part thermo control;
    water treatment control.
We well managed to use with:
    All famous brand cylinders;
    Stepping motor and 4 axis controller;
    4 axis Scara Robot and Cartisien Robot;
    6 axis articulated Robot;
    All brand PLC I/O countfrom 10 I/Os to 3000 I/Os;
    All brand high level vision system;
    All brand special purpose sensors;
    Techniques to integrate above components in setup, interface and communication.
We are expertise System Integrator for:
    Dispensing and glue apply system;
    Robot application;
    Vision system;
    System monitoring software;
    Precision measuring system;
    Laser process automation;
    Inkjet process automation.
We have both factories in Hong Kong and China, totally occupying over 2,000 sq meters floor.
There we equipped with necessary machine centres and production facilities, we can supply whole electro-mechanical system.
Starting from engineering design, parts machining, welding, modules assembly, fitting, control devises wire up thru to controller programming, all under our monitoring and operation. We have experienced engineers and talents both in Hong Kong and China. Under the motive to provide quality products and services to our customers, we committed to deliver quick, precise and efficient service to our valuable customers.
Lumen Dispensing Machine
Dispensing machine
Automatic Screw Feeder
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